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What is Recovery Coaching?

Recovery Coaching is a collaborative, forward-focused approach

to developing healthy relationships in all areas of your life. learning tools and techniques to improve your personal and professional life. Creating the space for you to grow on all levels and get clarity on the way forward.

Recovery Coaching Explained

What is Recovery Coaching?

A positive proactive relationship designed to promote & strengthen recovery. Recovery coaching is rooted in a ‘wellness’ model approach to working with others. It combines Recovery Orientation and Coaching Skills to provide a specific approach to a particular Recovery Coaching Specialty. 


Recovery coaching builds on the natural resources that we all have so we can decide for ourselves how to manage our own lives, cope with difficulties and develop our futures. In this way it supports us in building exciting and successful lives. 

Based in the reality of the Recoverees resources and skills the coach assists them in developing further life and recovery resources to support a fulfilling life built on positive self-regard, self-responsibility and social  participation. 



Recovery Coaching is a Niche Model


Recovery Coaching is a model focusing on using the coaching relationship to facilitate change within addictive and destructive behavioral patterns. It is coaching with a specialty in recovery from any challenging situation ~ addiction, illness (or mindset around illness), life-changes... Embedded here is the development of self, resilience, endurance, and expansion. 

It engages with various models of coaching and where this fits within the systemic model of detrimental behaviors – addiction, substance abuse, eating disorders, gambling, workaholism and other behavioral addictions.

It helps people in recovery from a wide variety of life experiences and challenges including but not limited to substance and behaviour misuse and / or addiction, chronic illness, social and family breakdown, mental  illness and depression. 


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Individual Recovery Coaching

Individual Coaching is a powerful process for assisting you to maximize your potential and achieve what matters to you. When supporting my clients, I focus on exploring your agenda, identifying your goals and challenging you to create strategies that will allow you not just to survive but to thrive in all areas of your life.


  • It enables you to gain clarity in your thinking

  • Assists you in understanding your current Reality.

  • Helps you to explore and develop your own options.


We focus on building resilience on all levels allowing you to show up in your roles the best way possible. We will work out ways for you to process past Trauma and build a secure safety net for your future so that you may experience Joy in the present. I delve into your core emotions and assist you in building your Emotional, Mental and Social Intelligence .


  • Developing a personal recovery plan;

  • Rebuilding recovery capital which is the breadth and depth of internal and external resources;

  • Understanding personal & professional relationships;

  • Undertaking long- & short-term goal setting;

  • Determining & incorporating personal beliefs and values into daily life;

  • Examining the connection between spiritual beliefs and values, the body, brain and mind;

  • Exploring healthy lifestyle choices;

  •  Identifying & avoiding triggers and urges and developing effective coping strategies.

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Systemic Family Wellness Coaching

Systemic Coaching takes place within the System Model of Intervention. I work in the environment within the family system to create Recovery and Wellness for all role players within the system. In my experience the environment plays an important role in long-term Wellness for all parties. If the environment is toxic this will have a negative impact on the entire family so it is important that we identify key areas of concern, create open honest dialogue and build on each role within the system to take personal responsibility for our actions and behavior so that we can all move from a Culture of Adversity to a Culture of Growth.

As families progress into a space of Wellness they are able to deal with the challenges and difficulties life throws at them together and with more resilience. The main goal is for me to find an equilibrium within the Family system so that we all have a common goal to work towards. Each having their own part to play in gaining trust and cultivating change within the environment.

Systemic wellness is achieved through identifying attachment styles, the roles one plays in the system and work towards healthy interdependent relationships with all parties concerned. My focus is to increase family responsibility and accountability with compassion and supportive action. Developing strong agreements and boundaries within the system that promote healthy relationships and stability. I address diversity within the family from a healthy adult space and utilize effective communication techniques to strengthen interpersonal relationships

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Recovery & Wellness in the Workplace

Become familiar with the systemic model of wellness and be able to apply the modality to relationship building, team growth and development,

and organizational wellness. Coaching is a great way to support the workplace in setting goals and building unity and motivation within the team.

  • Gain empowerment and focus on achieving the results you want in your workplace or organization.

  • Tap into your unlimited potential with emotional mastery and developing leadership skills.

  • Become an effective leader. Sharpen your workplace awareness through the Systemic Integration model

  • Make powerful connections and inspire others, when untangling any inner and outer struggles in the workplace

Are you ready to change your life?

I am an Accredited International Recovery Coach, certified by the International Coaching Registrar (ICR).

Trained by the Ubuntu Academy of Coaching and Training (U-ACT) and completed my Postgraduate in Addiction Care at The University of Cape Town (UCT)

If you are looking for support and positive change, I am eager to walk this journey with you. Confidentiality guaranteed.

A Supportive Hug
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