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The Recovery Clinic

Primary care detox clinic

George Wellness Center

We offer a tranquil, holistic healing space for you to Recover from whatever ails you. If you are looking for a safe space to grow.  The Wellness centre is now open. Fully equipped with D.S.T.V., Netflix and WIFI, perfect. Situated in the beautiful location of Cape Town.

Restaurants and Hiking trails. Take a stroll on one of the beautiful beaches or meander around the many flea markets available. World famous Golf Estate for the avid golfer and a fully equipped Virgin Active Gym just around the corner if you wish to get in shape during your stay.


24 hour registered nursing care, In house Doctor and registered Psychologist and option for Psychiatric treatment if needed. A comprehensive 28 day program includes one on one Addiction Counseling, Peer Recovery Specialist support and Recovery Coaching with group work. Consultations with a trained nutritionalist to support your healing. Optional Yoga, Meditation and Reiki classes available to soothe the Soul for a full holistic approach.

The programme is designed around the Recovery Wellness Coaching modality and we provide holistic all round care to create sustainable Recovery and Wellness. Nurture the Body, Mind and Spirit whilst enjoying the beautiful surroundings that the garden route has to offer. A perfect place to build a solid foundation for your future and gently embracing a new way of life.

Recovery Wellness Center

Wellness center

Edeni Glen

The Recovery Wellness Centre Main House.. A perfect place to indulge in quiet reflection and peace of mind. Breathing in the pristine fresh clean air of the sea and meditating on the purity of your surroundings. A place to calm the nerves and soothe the Soul.

Lots of activities to engage in, from exercising the body-mind through hiking, yoga and meditation, to long strolls on the many immaculate beaches that Cape Town has to offer. Our programme is specific to each individual client, mapping out a Recovery plan that caters to every client's needs, wants and values whilst incorporating all the evidence-based treatment methods.

We believe in multiple pathways to recovery and understand that each individual has their own unique history, culture and experience. Our comprehensive wellness programme allows us to pay special attention to the client and empower them to take personal responsibility for their recovery and wellness.

If a wheelbarrow and cement spell Recovery we will provide it. Having your a piece of paradise to grow veggies or plant flowers whilst weeding out all the negative false beliefs that are running in your head we will cater for that too.

If cooking is a thing we will supply all the tools to work with. All of these activities are therapeutic and helpful to equip the clients in doing life, as well as providing the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual tools for the client to return to their community, healthy, well and full of life.

A tranquil healing space to discover who you authentically are and embrace the human experience surrounding you with spiritual principles like compassion and care. Cultivating change from within. Learn the true meaning of freedom and align the body, mind a spirit so you can show up in all your glory........ flaws and all.

For more information contact Nikki

The Virtual Recovery Clinic

International online group calls.
Evidence based treatment methods, adult education and addiction specialist support.
Six-week core Treatment programme.

Treatment Programme
The Treatment includes a six-week intensive virtual recovery programme facilitated and overseen by Nikki Edwards to ensure sustainable recovery and wellness in real time. Based on the evidence based Matrix Model
You will be supported by
online group calls 3 times a week for a period of 6 weeks and have x10 one on one counseling sessions with your personal therapist. The programme is 12 months whereby you can hop on any calls for a full year after completion of the initial 6 weeks.


Group Times are Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
from 18:00 to 19:30 (SA Time)

Included is a family group, where loved ones can get much-needed support.

Wednesdays 16:00 pm to 17:00 pm (SA Time)

Contact: Nikki Edwards

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Phone: +27 (66) 223-4240

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