Coaching programmes and packages

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Peer Mentorship Programme (PMP)

Pocket Rehab Coaching Network

  • Empower others in moving forward in their personal and professional lives.

  • Be capable of running individual and group coaching sessions.

  • Be trained in how to work with and support those impacted by dysfunctional personal and professional behaviours in various environments.

  • Be supported by an international network of facilitators, supervisors and coaches.Have access to ongoing training and professional development through the U-ACT Workplace platform

  • Supervision throughout the mentorship process.


Professional Recovery Coaching Package

Commit to your recovery and wellness

Six 60-minute Recovery Coaching sessions:

  • Is a chance to focus on your recovery and wellness in a holistic way.

  • Is an opportunity to build a foundation for your life.

  • Is away to for you to gain clarity in your thinking.

  • Will assist you in understanding your current reality.

  • Will help you to explore and develop your own options.

  • The opportunity to engage in a sustainable recovery process.

  • The flexibility to work at your own pace.



Relationship Coaching Package

Commit to improving your relationship

This package includes:

  • Six 90-minute Relationship coaching sessions.

  • Six sessions a minimum of 90-minutes each which includes:

  • An opportunity for you and your partner to connect in a supportive, neutral space.

  • To connect with yours and your partners needs, wants and values.

  • To create a positive space to begin to heal and grow in your relationship.

  • Tools, practices and ideas on how to create wellness in your family.


Teen Wellness Programme (TWP)

Recovery Wellness Programme

  • Three 90-minute group coaching online/live calls per week.

  • Six 60-minute one-on-one recovery coaching sessions.

  • Lifetime access to the Teen Wellness self-study course.

  • Membership to private Whatsapp support group.

  • Peer support and Psycho Education.

  • Downloadable videos, pdfs, worksheets and manual.

  • 12-month access to group coaching calls.

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Systemic Family
Coaching Package

Create family systemic wellness

Six family sessions a minimum of 60-minutes each which includes:

  • An opportunity for you and your family to connect in a supportive space.

  • To connect with your family's needs, wants and values.

  • To create a positive space to begin to heal and grow as a family.

  • Tools, practices and ideas on how to create wellness in your family.


This is a wonderful addition to your individual coaching and can be organized with Nikki to support your coaching, growth and recovery.


Business Coaching Package

Improving company culture

This package includes:

  • Six 90-minute business coaching sessions.

  • Systemic coaching to connect with your professional meaning and purpose.

  • An opportunity to align your company vision and mission.

  • To connect with your employees, staff and managers needs, wants and values.

  • To create a positive space to begin to grow your business.

  • Tools, practices and ideas on how to create wellness in your workplace..

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Recovery Wellness Programme (RWP)

Recovery Wellness Programme 

  • Recovery coaching, adult education and peer support programme

  • Six-week core coaching programme

  • Continued access for 12 months following initial 6-week programme

  • Introduction to models, tools, practices and approaches to develop recovery
    resources to support long-term, purposeful recovery

  • Group Times are Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays from 18:00 to 19:30pm (SA Time)

  • Family group is Wednesdays 16:00 to 17:00 (SA Time) where loved ones can join an online group call to get much needed support and psychoeducation 



Trauma Intervention Package

Connect with your Authentic Self

Six 90-minute Trauma Intervention sessions:

This trauma intervention coaching package will:

  • Include six 90-minute coaching sessions.

  • Will support you in a safe space.

  • Begin to create new tools and skills for presence and well-being.

  • Give you the guidance and tools to move through triggers and uncomfortable feelings.

  • Develop strong, practical coping and self-care practices.

  • Using cutting edge science and holistic methods to release body and brain blocks.

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Chemistry Session

Let's Connect

Free 30-minute chemistry session includes:

  • A face to face 30 minute discovery session, if you are in Cape Town area.

  • Or an online discovery video call to meet me and discuss options.

  • An opportunity to chat about your Coaching / Counselling needs.

  • A chance to decide how I can support you moving forward.

  • To see if we are a good fit to build a Coaching/Counseling therapeutic relationship.