Hi, I’m Nikki


I am trained as a Systemic Recovery and Life Coach and I am trauma informed. I have made it my life’s mission to assist clients to discover their true meaning and purpose, all about helping them to reconnect, unify and integrate the mind, body and spirit that has been split by substance abuse, addiction or mental health issues.

I use facilitation and developing the client’s personal power, through practical coaching tools and techniques which aid and sustain long-term recovery.

My method is holistic yet scientific, incorporating various models of treatment to assist the client in taking personal responsibility for their thoughts, actions and behavior.

I have many years of lived experience and have been in recovery for many years. I manage my own coaching practice, Nikki Edwards Recovery Coaching.

I am passionate about empowering my clients in taking ownership of their lives and believing in themselves again, to find true meaning. My professional purpose is to "Educate, Motivate and Inspire".

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What I Specialise In


Individual Recovery Coaching

I offers professional recovery coaching sessions to support individuals in overcoming substance use and addictive behaviour disorders. My extensive

professional and lived experience, makes me an outstanding accountability partner in the recovery and wellness process.

Recovery Wellness Clinic

Are you looking to deepen your personal recovery and wellness process, but don't have access to an outpatient programme that suits you?  This six week-programme is designed to create sustainable recovery and deepen recovery.

The online content is supported by individual recovery coaching sessions with a Master Recovery Coach, as well as weekly calls and groups to support integrated learning.

Family and Couples' Coaching

Working with couples and families,

I am able to support lasting systemic change, by creating the space for you to work in a safe and supportive space. Through this process individuals and their families are able to create resources that support resilience and wellness in the family.

Teen Wellness programmes

Creating emotional, social, mental, physical and spiritual resources for teens in recovery. It is a holistic approach to sustainable wellness. We create the opportunity for a deeper, long-term growth in a group setting whereby the Teens support each other in their Recovery process.. Through courageous conversations, creating a safe Peer Support structure and approach, Teens are given the space to create a meaningful recovery lifestyle plan

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Trauma Intervention Coaching

I am able to support you through the empowering intervention of trauma coaching. This is a positive, solutions-focused way to create emotional and mental resources and move forward in your personal and professional spaces. By creating holistic wellness you have the space and support to heal.

Addiction Specialist

Exploring recovery perspectives for substance use, addictive behaviour, and mental health disorders, and co-occurring conditions.
Identifying diverse and varied pathways to recovery.
Examining the roles and responsibilities of a Recovery Coach, including ethics and boundaries.
Practicing coaching, motivational interviewing techniques and facilitation skills.



The Journey Towards Health

Begins on the Path of Self Love.

Begin Your Journey Today.

I would like to comment that our Training Facilitator Nikki Edwards offers a wealth of experience when teaching a class. Not only does she draw from personal experience very well, I found that she has a thorough and well rounded knowledge of the product / process of coaching and recovery coaching. I feel held in a safe space with her, in class and in private coaching sessions, and I noted how confidently she keeps all the students in a judgement free and compassionate space. I hope that as a student of hers, that some of her charismatic coaching and listening skills will rub off on me. I am blessed to have her as a teacher.

- Elizabeth Page (UK)

Being trained by Nikki has been an awesome experience. She has such a passion for what she does that it encourages me to be a better person. What I loved most about being trained by Nikki is her authenticity.


She speaks from a place of love for what she does and it shines through in the container, encouraging engagement. I would normally be very afraid to open up being an introvert but Nikki creates a space where every participants opinion matters and she has an uncanny ability to encourage engagement on deep matters.

- Cairan Bates (Durban)

Having Nikki Facilitate the Peer Recovery Specialist Course for us was a Dream ... Having not been in the world of formal or virtual education for a while her Energy, Knowledge and Passion were captivating from the outset and kept me hungry for knowledge from start to finish ...


To be able to be so inclusive of all is a skill that she has in spades and it rolled back the years for me and was pivotal in me completing the course and getting this Internationally Recognised Certification ... Bravo & Thanks Nikki.

- Jim St. Johnston (UK)

Are you ready to change your life?

I am an Accredited International Recovery Coach, certified by the International Coaching Registrar (ICR).

Trained by the Ubuntu Academy of Coaching and Training (U-ACT).

If you are looking for support and positive change, I am eager to walk this journey with you.

Confidentiality guaranteed.