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Hi, I’m Nikki


I am trained as a Trauma-informed Systemic Recovery and Life Coach and Addiction Specialist Counselor. I specializes in Recovery and Wellness and made it my life’s mission to assist individuals, families and organizations to discover their true meaning and purpose, all about helping them to reconnect, unify and integrate the mind, body and spirit that has been split by substance abuse, addiction, mental health issues or Trauma.

I use facilitation and developing the client’s personal power, through practical coaching/counseling tools and techniques which aid and sustain long-term healing and recovery.

My method is holistic yet scientific, incorporating various models of treatment to assist the client in taking personal responsibility for their thoughts, actions and behavior.

I am passionate about empowering my clients in taking ownership of their lives and believing in themselves again. My professional purpose is to "Educate, Motivate and Inspire".

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What I Specialise In

Individual Coaching/Counseling

I offer professional Recovery Coaching & Counselling  sessions to support individuals in overcoming substance use, addictive behavior disorders and manage their mental health effectively. My extensive

experience and training allows me to assist clients in finding solutions in a compassionate and understanding way without judgement. My lived experience and training makes me an outstanding accountability partner in the recovery and wellness process.

Individual Recovery & Wellness

Exploring recovery perspectives for substance use, addictive behavior, mental health disorders, and co-occurring conditions.Mapping out a Recovery path using all the diverse clinical and psychosocial methods available to suit my clients structure, history and experience. I believe in multiple pathways to recovery am very client centered. I tailor make and design programmes that suit the needs, wants and values of my clients. 

Family & Couples Coaching/Counseling

Working with couples and families,

I am able to support lasting systemic change, by creating the space for loved ones and families to work in a safe and supportive space. Through this process individuals and their families are able to learn tools and use resources that support resilience and wellness. My goal is to assist families to build healthy connection, set healthy boundaries and learn to communicate effectively. I provide a neutral space where all can be seen and heard to build trust and find a common goal that the whole family can work towards.

Systemic Wellness Practioner

Creating emotional, social, mental, physical and spiritual resources for individuals, families, organizations & communities. It is a holistic approach to sustainable wellness. We create the opportunity for a deeper, long-term growth in a group setting whereby you support each other in your life process.. Through courageous conversations, creating a safe Peer Support structure and approach, you are given the space to create a meaningful sustainable lifestyle plan.

Trauma Intervention Coaching/Counseling

I am able to support clients through the empowering intervention of Trauma Coaching. This is a positive, solutions-focused way for individuals to build emotional and mental resources and move forward in their personal and professional spaces. By creating holistic wellness we have the space and support to heal. Learning tools and techniques to help individuals to manage their triggers, regulate emotions and move through uncomfortable places in a safe and contained environment

Certified Addiction Specialist

Tools & Techniques to combat Triggers and cravings. Psychoeducation on Substance Use & Addiction.

Integrating parts that have been split by substance use, addictive behavior and mental health challenges.

I use Evidence Based methods such as CBT, MI and Counseling techniques as well as Recovery Coaching, Clinical Interventions and Peer Support with the latest cutting edge Therapeutic Tools to assist you in moving forward.


The Journey Towards Health

Begins on the Path of Self Love.

Begin Your Journey Today.

I Nikki Edwards offers a wealth of experience. Not only does she draw from personal experience very well, I found that she has a thorough and well rounded knowledge of the process of coaching and recovery coaching. I feel held in a safe space with her, 

- Elizabeth (UK)

Nikki has supported me through some pretty tough realizations and very old Trauma, I felt held and heard through the entire process and able to arrive at solutions that came from my knowing and possible to achieve, whilst still stretching me to reach for some stars.

If you are looking to make some changes in your life, or just want to assess your current situations, Nikki will be able to guide you through the process with skill and compassion.

I will return to The Recovery Wellness Clinic should the need for reflection or change arise and I am happy to recommend Nikki without hesitation.

- Sula (AU)

Nikki speaks from a place of love for what she does and it shines through in the sessions, encouraging and engaging. I would normally be very afraid to open up being an introvert but Nikki creates a space where my opinion matters and she has an uncanny ability to encourage engagement on deep matters.

- Cairan (Durban)

Nikki is so passionate about her work and the way she teaches is kind of magical. Nikki's skills are creative, supportive, interesting and challenging. She is an excellent listener and she is affable.

Truly is a wonderful person. Genuine, passionate, hardworking, fun, and it shows without her facilitating and one- on- one coaching.

She inspired me to grow and change as a person, to look for possibilities, to believe in what if, but must of all she helped me to become a better me.

Nikki truly empowered and inspired me to be my authentic self by being an awesome facilitator and coach and for that I will always be very thank full.

- Julanda (Bloem)

Are you ready to change your life?

I am an Accredited International Recovery Coach, certified by the International Coaching Registrar (ICR).

Trained by the Ubuntu Academy of Coaching and Training (U-ACT) and completed my Postgraduate in Addiction Care at The University of Cape Town (UCT)

If you are looking for support and positive change, I am eager to walk this journey with you.

Confidentiality guaranteed.

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